Proper Little Doggies

We have given the pups (temporary) names from Beatles need for coloured collars any more as they are so distinct & individual that we know them all by sight.

They are 6 weeks old now & fully weaned – much to Juno’s relief. No more sharp teeth & claws to contend with whilst nursing!imageMartha chomping on a string- handled bag

Toddling Puppies!

Legs? Testing, testing, 1,2,3!!

Legs? Testing, testing, 1,2,3….

The Milky Bar Kids!

The Milky Bar Kids!

Hey everyone! It’s been full on in the puppy nursery. On Tuesday the pups will be three weeks old – they are very funny with their plump tummies & wobbly legs! Mum, Juno, is on good form and big sister Roxy, is helping out by giving them all a thorough face washing every day!